African Cats is introducing the 3rd generation Lithium Ion batteries to save 35% in weight and increase power by 20% for the Green-Motion Hybrid propulsion and generation system.

The European Batteries modules used on the next GreenCat 445 will supply energy for Green-Motion system consist of 6 modules 180 Ah in the 160 V bank and for the house system 3 modules will be used for a total of 540 Ah in the 24 V bank. The new batteries have 112 Watt per kilo of weight compared with 65 Watt for the previous generation batteries.


The weight savings compared with the previous system are 240 kilo’s (35 % less) and 110 litre’s less space is needed while increasing the available power with 20 %.


Other advantages are:


-         High safety thanks to LFP-technology

-         Long calendar life and cycle thanks to accurate production and low moisture content.

-         Very flexible Battery Management System

-         Very even cell impedance and capacity thanks to accurate and automated cell production line.

-         Wide range of operating temperatures.

Total system suppliers, cells, modules, BMS, enclosures

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