29-11-2012 - First carbon fiber GreenCat 445 is nearing completion


The first carbon fiber World cruiser GreenCat 445 is nearing completion (almost fossil fuel free).
Target weight for this Green-Motion technology equipped World cruiser version is 6650 kilo in the water full equipped (14630 Lbs). This is 1500 kilo’s less than a similar equipped Basalt fiber GreenCat 445 and up to 6000 kilo’s less than a similar sized cruising catamarans.
The Bruce number is 1.48 and sail area to displacement ratio of 35, good numbers for a cruising catamaran.
This is the first GreenCat that has Aramid reinforcement both on the inside and the outside of the hull below the waterline.
The main advantages are: 
  1. Better performance under sail and power (higher speed and better pointing)
  2. More bridge deck clearance
  3. Less draft (1.10 compared with 1.20 meters)
  4. Increased efficiency under power
  5. Higher payload (1000 kilo increase to 5000 kilo)
  6. Stiffer hull
A structural analysis of the hull was done for optimization of the laminate design. For the non structural parts of the interior furniture Nomex panels are used and the structural parts are all made with epoxy infused HD foam and carbon fiber.
Included in the weight of this GreenCat 445 is a 22 KW diesel generator (220 kilo) and new 42 Kw Lithium batteries (LifeP04 total 365 Kilo with 20 % extra energy instead of 585 kilo before).
The Carbon bimini is equipped with 4x 327 Wp solar panels (80 kilo) and the Carbon rig with a masthead mounted 400 watt wind generator. All equipment needed for Ocean cruising like davits and carbon fiber RIB are included in the weight.
The Green-Motion retractable electric motors are a new 12 pole design making them more efficient and the weight is 10 % reduced.

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