27-04-2012 - First GREENCAT 605 with new 20kW motor

First GREENCAT 605 with new 20 kW motor

African Cats BV will launch the new Simonis/Voogd design first GreenCat 605 Green-Motion in May this year.
This fully equipped 18.74 meter 61 Ft performance sailing catamaran has a very low empty weight of 13.000 kilo’s (28.500 Lbs.) build in carbon with Twaron aramid reinforcement (max. payload 7000 kilo).
The sail area to displacement ratio is 32 fully loaded so she will perform well.

The GreenCat 605 Green-Motion utilizes the new 20 kW 12 pole 2nd generation Green-Motion fossil fuel free retractable propulsion and generation system. With this retractable propulsion system there is less drag when sailing unless regenerating takes place. The Green-Motion system is powered with 12 Mastervolt Lithium batteries, 50 kW usable power (giving her a 40 NM range without starting the DC generator(s).
The bimini is equipped with 8x 300 watt solar panels and the carbon mast has a 500 watt wind generator mounted on top.

This GreenCat 605 has 4 cabins with king sized beds and bathrooms en suite. In this version there is a small operating theatre installed since this GreenCat will be used in the South Pacific Sea to help give medical aid to the local people.

Because of the shallow waters where this GreenCat will sail she is equipped with hydraulic operated swing keels. The draught is only 1.20 meter (4 Ft) with the swing keels and retractable motors lifted up and the bottom is reinforced so she can be beached.
Since this yacht will operate in areas with coral, she has Twaron protection both on the inside and outside of her hulls from the waterline down.
The construction materials used are resin infused epoxy in combination with Carbon, Twaron, Nomex and Divinycell foam and is spray painted with 2 K paint in order to keep the weight as low as possible.


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