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GREENCAT 445 'GREEN eMOTION' that was launched in December 2009 is the first demonstrator crossed the Atlantic early 2010 twice to do the final test of the Green-Motion 10kW retractable propulsion and generation sysytem.

Some more GreenCats 445 with the Green-Motion retractable system have been launched recently and our new designd GreenCat 605 have been Launched in June 2012 with the new 20kW Green-Motion propulsion system.

The Greencat 445 'GREEN eMOTION'  is available in the Amsterdam area for visit and testsail (wheather permitting).

GREENCAT 445 will have extended sugar scoops.

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With a final length of 44 feet 7 inch or 13,60 meters and a waterline length that has been increased with 1 foot 1 inch to 42 foot 7 inches or 12.99 meters, GreenCat 445 performs now even better then before.

The waterline length is made longer and this will increase cruising speeds. This is done thru an extension of the bows with 6 inches all the way from below the water line to the top of the bow. This makes the entrance finer, from a 60 mm radius to a 10 mm radius. The resistance decreases slightly. The bows give less spray at speeds above 15 knots and this happens frequently with sailors that like speed.

The present bow nose will stay but the extension is fitted on it. This has the advantage that if the boat hits something and damage occurs, the present nose with all reinforcements will still be in place while the front section can be replaced and the journey can still be completed without any problem.

The intake of the bow at the waterline is now 3/8 of an inch wide or 10 mm compared with 60 mm before and is made 20 mm glass and Twaron aramid.
This will substantially cut the spray that we had before with speeds of 15 knots and more, the resistance and wake have also decreased.

In the rear, the lowest step of the sugar scoop is extended by 2 ft or 600 mm to increase the diving platform to a length of 1.20 meters or 4 ft. This has been a request from many customers.

Formerly, it was possible to raise the hull by 40 mm or 1 inch and a half, to increase headroom to 2,04 meters ( 6 ft 8 inches) inside. With exception of two, all clients have ordered this. Therefore we now offer the raised version only.

The rub rail is raised by 60 mm or 2.5 inches and a stronger thicker type will be used. The portholes have been moved below the rub rails now to give a sleeker and longer appearance and to improve the view to the outside for shorter people.

All this gives the cat a cleaner, more modern look and it greatly improves visibility. Six portholes will be placed per side, with World cruiser and one of the extra portholes is the third in the bedrooms.

The looks of the FastCat have enhanced because of the longer and lower look.


Angelo Lavranos,  Gideon Goudsmit

 Overall length

13,60 m / 44 ft 7 inch with extended sugar scoops

 Waterline length 12,99 m / 42 ft 7 inch
 Beam 7,49 m / 24 ft 6 inch
 Draft 1,20 m /    4 ft
 Mast height of DWL 20,43 m / 67 ft

5.800 kilo  / 12 787 lbs (carbon version)
6.400 kilo /  14 110 lbs (basalt version)

 Sail area 119 m2 / 1280 sq ft
78 m2 / 834 sq ft mainsail
41 m2 / 446 sq ft genoa
 Water capacity 2 x 300 litres / 2 x 80 us gallons
 Fuel capacity 2 x 200 litres / 2 x 53 us gallons
 Engines 2 x 10 kW electric motor or
2 x 20 hp diesel sail drive
 Berths 2 x 2,20 x 1,80 m up to 8 and optional a third cabin





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