FASTCAT 445 GREEN eMOTION is sailing!

GREEN-MOTION is a most remarkable development realised on:

The GREEN-MOTION system is an electric and fossil free propulsion and generation system that is unique by one of its features: it is retractable from the water in order to decrease resistance while sailing.

It can be used on Monohull's, Catamarans, Proas and Trimarans.

The GREEN-MOTION System was launched in 2009 on GREENCAT 445 'GREEN eMotion' in Durban S.A.

GREENCAT 445 'GREEN eMOTION' has sailed the Atlantic the first half of 2010 to Europe to testsail the new boat and systems.

We have demonstrators available in the Netherlands and in South Africa.

Two GREEN MOTION systems on FASTCAT 445 Green eMotion!
FASTCAT 445 GREEN eMOTION launched and in harbour berth